to the mountains

These cajuns are heading north

Hurricane Ida did a number on all of us here in Southeast Louisiana. While we were very fortunate compared to others we were and still are greatly affected by Ida's destruction. After A LOT of thinking and looking at the options for ourselves as well as my mother, who lost everything, we have decided to move. Our move is taking us away from our HOME. It still stings sometimes to think about. However, we are very excited about this new chapter in this journey called life. We will be bringing our culture with us in our hearts and enjoy our adventures knowing you can take a cajun out the bayou but you can't take the bayou out of the cajun. We are having a moving sale in an effort to get a smaller moving truck and raise funds for our move. Please consider buying our art. If you hate our art but love us, and want to donate to our move, there is a donate button below. Enter ANY amount you like. Big thanks to everyone who made our 3 years in business a success! 

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