Our Style

There are so so many talented photographers in our community. Each one does a great job but, I do not consider them my competition. Everyone has their own style and I think that is what sets us apart as professionals.

Our style is photo-journalistic in nature. Outdoors is the only place we shoot. City streets to state parks, we are up for any location. Your "happy place" is the best place! We try to avoid the stiff posing and capture personalities. Lot's of soft glances, close ups, and belly laughs. It's about more than the right outfit and clear skin. It's about capturing the moment in time, your time. When you look back you will not only remember the fun we had during the shoot, you will remember an era of your life.

Choosing a photographer should be like choosing a friend to record your memories for later. Which photographer's style best suits your personality? Is it us? If so,and you like your first experience, we want to be with you through it all. Let us help you build the images that will define your memories.

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