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Belly Casting

Oh how quickly the precious time of pregnancy flies by. You cherish every time you get to hear the heartbeat, see a sonogram or feel a tiny kick. You know you will never be as physically close to that sweet baby as you are now. What better way to commemorate this life event than a 3-D sculpture of the two of you together this way. The process and materials are completely non toxic. No nudity required. Performed by an artist who is as professional and safety minded as your doctor.  Plenty of finishing options including customized hand painted designs. 

Hand Casting

Everyone loves to buy keepsakes. Why not make one. You can't get more personal than this! Plus, you and your loved one can remember the experience of doing it for a lifetime. Every person that has a hand cast does not regret it. It is great for Mothers and Daughters, Newly weds, or the whole family. You can choose your finish as well.

The ones pictured here are untouched.